…because broken gets them attention

Bon jour mon ami! Parasite – on organism that lives in or on another organism (it’s host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the expense of the host. Parasitic relationships are toxic and nothing can be healthy about them….except when you learn to recognize them early and avoid repeating the same mistakes. Have you heard […]

…always on trend. What are you wearing?

Bon jour! This has been a productive year, which explains the sporadic posts. Nonetheless, by all means to continue and carry on…posts resume. Reading will always be on trend, no matter the color or season–it is a mainstay. Digital or actual, there is nothing like a good book to help refresh, captivate, inspire, ignite, or […]

… be legendary

Each day should be a day where we decide to make a difference. Allow today to be that day.  I wanted to reach out to you in hopes of extending our reach to support a particular family. The family of a little girl, Sanaa Haughton, who has dowm syndrome whose mother has been the ultimate […]

5 cool things you may not know

Happy Humpday! I enjoy reading from time to time and I always run across tips or great advice that should be shared, whether a book, on Pinterest, or plain old wisdom passed down. Listed below are 5 cool things that you might benefit: How to get rid of gas Drink Peppermint tea 🙂 Either throughout […]