…because broken gets them attention

Bon jour mon ami!

Parasite – on organism that lives in or on another organism (it’s host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the expense of the host. Parasitic relationships are toxic and nothing can be healthy about them….except when you learn to recognize them early and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Have you heard of the phrase that any publicity is good publicity, whether it is positive or negative? Well, attention is viewed the same way from a parasite. Parasites don’t care if you are in harm’s way, as long as the parasite benefits—nothing else matters. For clarity sake, I am referring to toxic people.  They are parasites. Let’s break it down.

P | Parasites pull you and drain from you only to gain what is meant to nourish, edify and balance you. It is a pull because of the direction in which you are headed is not the direction in which you are actually going. Parasites are great distractions that cause several detours to the main access roads in life. Albeit, necessary to overcome obstacles and challenges but not at the expense of ruining the core of your unique existence. Balance your life around those who can and will hold you accountable and you are encouraged to do the same in return our of pure respect.

A | Aritificiality is their dwelling place. Genuity is as potent as kryptonite. These parasites become sponges under the guise of a “friend” all the while becoming a potential threat. A foreign relationship that makes it challenging and impossible to adhere. Artificial flavor is the assumed personality sprinkled with artificial color to blend in to attract. Only to discover the truth afterward…hindsight is 20/20. Start listening more with your eyes and ears, when quiet you hear so much easier.

R | Removing  signature pieces of your persona  replacing nothing in return because there is nothing to offer positively from bloodsuckers that obtain no character. Taking and taking until you are bone dusty dry, only then to start feasting on the bone portion, if you are not careful enough to remove the parasite in time. Began separating yourself.

A | Aggressors in a field where it is pertinent to binge on someone like yourself in order to survive. Pulling charm and flattery from the well equipped handy arsenal adorned and disguised as sincerity. Blinded by the false admiration, the prey has become the perfect host. Parasite set their sites in the most calculated manner to gain the most vulnerable investments when seeking out such assets. Don’t be easily flattered because a forked tongue may soon follow.

S | Sucking the life out of you and your happiness is the agenda, draining you, your kindness, patience, and everything else that could possibly rescucitate you if it weren’t for them suffocating your spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. Snap out of it and learn to say NO. Too harsh, buy yourself time and offer to get back to them to muster the courage to say NO. Stand up and take your life back!

I | “I, me, mine” is how they operate, except it you/yours that is being claimed. They are not strong enough to walk alone which is why they attach themselves so comfortably. Narcissistic signs indicate more than what the obvious suggests.  Example:  Something happens to you where they [parasite] should be there as a friend to console or comfort, but somehow attention gets turned back to them. This is a crafty move that is done so swiftly, it’s almost majick! (In a bewitching sort of way) How did you allow it to slip in again? I will tell you how …through the.  altruistic behavior being your default. It is ok to have a moment of weakness, just try to avoid having these moments around the weak. Spread the love but make sure that you have enough to give. You can’t help someone who will not help themselves. As instructions on the airplane goes before takeoff:  “in the event of an emergency…place the oxygen mask on yourself before trying to help the passenger next to you”.  The same rule applies in this instance. First, focus on your needs in a parasitic situation. What are they bringing to the table that benefits you positively?

T | Trifiling about, sifting through and gorging on your time, efforts and good intent leaving you lightheaded and lethargic in the most simple circumstances. Flipping obligation as if the very sight of it were disgusting.  Mooching and munching away at your character because you are now upset with how your are NOT handling this parasitic situation leaving you helpless. ASK for help.Final attempt at an effort to resolve and reach resolution before the final step. Think about what this person brings to the table. Are they an asset or a liability to your overall happiness? Weigh the PROS and CONS and make a mature decision to move forward as you began to let go.  If you are at this step—it is probably for the  best to cut this person out of your life.. Don’t make excuses for their shortcomings. If you made it this far in life, they can too.  In the event time passes where your paths cross again and they [former parasite] are better, wiser and mature–the ball will be in your court

E | Exhaustion is what you feel when engaging with this individual, than you must EXIT. PRAY…Lord, if this person is not supposed to be in my life, allow them to walk out of my life. If you could fix it, you would have already.If it has gone too far—ASK for help. (AskSeekKnock) Forgive them and mean it.

We all encounter toxic parasitic relationships in which I believe are not all a complete waste. Giving attention is not going to promote a healthy outcome which prolongs this process. Challenging areas of opportunities like this show us who we are just as much as it shows us  with whom we are dealing. Do not feel bad for ending a toxic relationship if the relationship itself brings sorrow to you, that is not a two way street. You deserve better. Use the time to repair yourself and do not return ack to unhealthy relationships , instead notice the toxicity early on if you encounter it again…and you will, HOWEVER, this time around you will be much stronger and wiser,  able to help others in your capacity.


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