… be legendary

Each day should be a day where we decide to make a difference. Allow today to be that day. 

I wanted to reach out to you in hopes of extending our reach to support a particular family. The family of a little girl, Sanaa Haughton, who has dowm syndrome whose mother has been the ultimate volunteer here at Virtue the past year. Although our volunteer network is not as vast in number, nonetheless when it comes to stewards and volunteers, it extends beyond borders.  I believe that love is an action word. Which is why I am reaching out to you to ask for help to support this beautiful family.

About 2yrs ago, Sanaa decided to surprise her family with an early arrival by challenging her mother to deliver at home which proved to me successful. Talk about bravery, a little later, about 2months into entering into this world, Sanaa was fighting for her life to survive after having open heart surgery. It was a critical and extremely hard time for her family during this test of their faith. 

I’m happy to report that was almost 2 years ago and she is progressing and growing to be the ultimate warrior! The true blessing that she is, she knows no limits. At such a young age, Sanaa seems to understand that love is an action word also.  Always passing out hugs and daps to anyone wherever she feels it’s needed. To see the smiles that she is capable of producing by this simple act speaks volumes!

I wanted to show support to this family by making as many contributions possible though every avenue and network, which includes asking for your support.

I’m providing the link that has the information about how to help should you consider, which I encourage you to do so. We can’t do it all but we can make a difference together.

Your contribution to give/donate is a minimum of $15 per person, however we encourage to give more. It’s going to an amazing cause. TCU is the only school that provides a program here for children with down syndrome…. to partner with them would provide the necessary resources to continue the momentum. This year my volunteer group is excited to support and contribute to this wonderful organization—Please consider to join us. There is no distance info giving, no matter how close or far –a difference can be made. 

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Please see the link below with details.



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