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Currently streaming on Spotify, “Taxi a Geneve” by Farao/Durham/Zunino I scan an article from http://www.TheHerbExchange.com that pruning keeps your plants happy and healthy. Such an upbeat jam that allows me to absorb the content with pep in my step. Being such a novice in herbs or botanical for that matter, I have always been afraid to prune. Consider this ignorance on my part for lack of information and “green thumb-itis”. I have always thought that this would not promote any type of growth. Especially knowing when and where to prune. Going through this little exercise prompted reflection and insight whilst I prepared to delve into yet another disciplined challenge in life—starting an indoor herb garden.


I know that I was supposed to start a few weeks ago, but these things take time and preparedness…stalling…on my part. Timid and fear of failure along with time wasted and money. But this time I am going into it much differently than the many other attempted times previous. I have an eager bright-eyed 12 year old supporting and Wiki-How-To guide us through these rough terrains this time around. Allow me to  introduce to you my new friends; 4 dapper gentlemen and 5 lovely ladies:  Hazel Basil, Piper Peppers, Sara Sage, Reggie O’Regano (the O is silent), Claudia Chives, Peter Parsley, Tom Atoe, and Tina Thyme. Tina loves to sing by the way and although  Reggie is not Italian–he loves Italian cuisine. Hazel is quiet, yet strong. Piper is sassy and outgoing! Sara is strong-willed and a fighter. Claudia is a chatty one that loves attention, yet small but she will not be out done by anyone. Tom, simple and common, does not have to try hard and he’s quite versatile and comfortable in any environment. He prefers to be outdoors but we convinced him to give indoors a try–for now. Peter is very popular, he’s considered a celebrity among the sill, albeit it he’s down to earth and loves to be as basic as he can when not traveling. And there you have my crew!

I am excited what each will bring in the upcoming weeks. It will be fun to watch each of them go through and tell their own stories. As I am careful not to offend them, I can’t  help but think of my own process as what will become. How about you?

You know, pruning is painful when we go through our own process, nonetheless, it is needed. To cut back, remove certain hindrances and stagnates from  lives. pruning

On a side note: I have never seen a butterfly dwell among caterpillars. Sometimes, I like to think of caterpillars as immature adults who prefer to stay “grounded” while butterflies are more spontaneous and prefer to “explore”. We can be both at times, but which are you mostly like when it comes to growth?


It takes a strong determined butterfly to seek the best environment in which to go as far as it aspires—or is disciplined to. Where am I going with this? Well, back to the pruning…I tried to hang with caterpillars until 1 day I distanced myself long enough to cocoon my way into a metamorphosis that even I was not aware that was taking place. Others around me could see the change but I had not grown into my full potential.

When I gained my balance, I tried fluttering around those old worms with legs that only dared to crawl everywhere without the thought of soaring to any height. I noticed that they, too, began to branch off to their respective destinies…unfortunately, some didn’t make it. I was introduced to Bob, an ivy that I frequented from time to time. He has a story that will make a true believer out of anyone–but that’s another day.

Bob had an encourager & a cheerleader in his life. The “Encourager” encouragerwas more dominant in his life, even though there was a


cheerleader who would stop by to help motivate from time to time. There was constant joy, but Bob had grown “crowded” in this space. His roots were impacted and he only grew as vast as his environment. The interesting thing about Bob is that no one ever noticed him being stifled. Although, he continued to reach as far as his stems would allow, he could only go so far and he couldn’t do it alone. When it was bright out, he would adamantly reach for the sunlight. Any complacencycompacent seemed to put him in such a downward mode until one day the “encourager” began to speak life into him. She would bring him water, she would position him to receive the best angle the sun could provide –even massages his leaves. She even talked and sang to him. Before you know it, Bob showed signs that he really enjoyed what he heard and possibly began believing it! The difference the Encourager made in his life was pivotal, his confidence grew, so much that the little space that he dwelled became confining. His outlook was different. His appearance changed and although he tried to do better, his environment still was constricting. Bob could not do this without additional help. A more skilled wise encourager’, we’ll call Nurse-Drlegonursedr (because she is a doctor posing as a nurse but chooses to remain incognito for modest reasons). Nurse-Dr. stopped by to check on the family one day and noticed how grim Bob seemed. Nurse-Dr noticed that Bob required and was in immediate need of surgery STAT. She immediately began to do what was normally routine, pulling back Bob’s leaves, cutting and snipping away. The “Cheerleader” was beyond concerned at this time but she allowed Nurse-Dr to do her thing. Afterwards, Nurse-Dr explained the importance of pruning and how it could eventually keep poor Bob into a mundane stagnation.

He was miserable!

surviveThank goodness for being Operation revive, otherwise Bob would not have grown into the handsome, stout and sturdy Ivy that he is today. What am I saying? Sometimes you may have to allow pruning to live, to grow, to be better than you were a year ago–a month ago–weeks ago!growthafterprune

It is detrimental to your health and well-being. Being surrounded by those who are good at what they do is not enough. We all need to be pruned on a regular basis. That is when you get a closer look at your roots, your environment, your growth and began evaluating what changes need to be made. Is your air stagnant? Do something about it!

Since that day, Bob has maintained a lifestyle of continual pruning and from the process he has gained a new friend for life, Bonne frenchfry

(pronounced Bonnie)–she’s French, of course. She was cut from him and made him even better. They’re getting married and hope to produce little Ivies of their own. There is so much that can come from a simple “cutting away” of unhealthy things in our life that refuse to promote growth.

I learned from Bob and began to let go in areas where I had no control anyway. I allowed pruning to bring forth a new discipline that breeds new growth, even uncomfortable, uncertain, awkward growth. It is creating something that has only flourished because it was pruned for abundance. What that may be is still too early to decide, but it is a feeling of restoration and newness that could not have occurred without the pruning process.

Hey, with the help of God, everything will turn out as it should.

I’m really looking forward to producing amazing fruit from this pruning process…perhaps promoted to an advisory role from my current instructor role…hmmm


…sooooo, do you need to borrow these pruning shears?pruneshears




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