: truth the quality or state of being true.
Bonne après-midi
Truth is a harsh reality that we all think that we can handle, until we can’t.We want our friends and family to tell us the “truth” when we readily choose to accept it but what about when we are not prepared to hear it?
“I think your breath stinks….have a mint.”  What’s reaction? Are you appreciative? What about, “I think that you’re pretentious”, are you offended…perhaps? Regardless if you accept it or not, it stings a bit.

After a challenging week, that only proved to make me stronger, I ponder to think about how truthful we must be to ourselves.

Ask yourself: Am I in denial? Manipulative? Am I only concerned about myself and no one else. Am I a—dare I utter— a narcissist? How do I know? And would anyone tell me?! Not out of anger or after a heated disagreement, but in a “truth be told” type of way. Do we even want to know this about ourselves?Truths…do you really want to know if the moon landing was a hoax? Can you handle it if you discovered that millions of people in our society are programmed? Is there really conspiracy or is it just a theory?

I pose a few questions that I think we have all asked ourselves at some truthful point in time or other. Let’s try an exercise.

Go stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Really look. Don’t make facial expressions but really stare yourself down and evaluate the person that you see and are, at your very core. Be truthful. Do you like the person that you see? Are you the individual that you recognize from years before, what about childhood? What happened? Would you like to be your own friend? There lies a truth if you are honest with yourself. Why are your friends and others attracted to you? Are you the same person with them all? If not, what is true and what is false? Extract the false and bring the truth forward.

I can be an over thinker, warped by my own insecurities of imperfection…overbearing, controlling, disloyal, needy, cold, stubborn, calculating, inconsistent, greedy, selfish, rude person. I am aware of these things. I am not self-loathing or hating myself. We all know our deficiencies. However, I use my powers for good and not evil. I am susceptible to these ugly habits, nonetheless I work daily to die out to these weeds that try to grow in my garden. I would not have known these without dealing with myself truthfully. The finger that I pointed at others had 3 remaining fingers pointing back at me. Notice that I said that I “CAN” be those things. One day I chose to deal with me. I’m proud that I can truly say that I can’t do a lot of things–which included continuing in the pretty lies that hid the ugly truth.

I read something that allowed me to see truth as an ability to be powerful in the humblest way.


To make matters more interestingly serendipitous, I am listening to a streaming playlist that has brilliantly selected a more subdued jazzy vintage version of the 80’s pop song “True” by Spandau Ballet crooned by a Frenchman by the last name Lancaster. Is that a sign? Coincidence…?

At some point in our lives we face an ugly truth, about ourselves and others. Why else do we decide to change, get our lives together, start caring a little more? If it didn’t matter, why do anything at all? I will tell you why. We are wonderfully designed to create in our own little way. We were designed from hands of truth, albeit we don’t always follow the path of the designer. Somehow, we tend to end up with a reflection of that original–if we’re being truthful with ourselves. We were given a will, choose truth or not. Somewhere along the way, we gravitate to what is truthful–even if it painful to hear, feel or deal with. It promotes growth, from a pruning perspective.

Betrayal, loss, discovery, improvements, freedom… whatever the truth brings, it tears at your emotions and may even cause tears to stream from eyes. One thing is for sure, it reveals! I was on both ends of that party train, receiving and giving. Truth is eye-opening, it liberates–it is meant to set you free. You are no longer bound by the lies that covered or blinded you before.

Truth is a viewpoint. What you choose to do with it determines how you handle truths going forward, and how much truth you want to handle.

Step(s) to handle the TRUTH:

#1. deal with it

#2. Read #1



…until our next moment, enjoy your weekend, slow down to really look at the ugly truths staring back at you. Embrace them, deal with them and most importantly learn enough from them to handle them.

Bon weekend!



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