Apres midi! Although solitude means a state of being alone or seclusion, that is not necessarily a bad thing. The art of solitude in contentment is something that has yet to be mastered by the masses. With technology constantly advancing and social media buzzing nonstop, who has time to be alone, yet we all are. […]

…offended–should I be?

Bon jour mon ami, anyone out there? Comment allez vous?  I am well, my herb babies are thriving and growing well as to be expected with the tlc that I have so diligently provided the last few weeks. It was also brought to my attention that my little Chihuahua had indulged in drinking the sitting plant water […]

…pruning prompts

Currently streaming on Spotify, “Taxi a Geneve” by Farao/Durham/Zunino I scan an article from http://www.TheHerbExchange.com that pruning keeps your plants happy and healthy. Such an upbeat jam that allows me to absorb the content with pep in my step. Being such a novice in herbs or botanical for that matter, I have always been afraid to prune. […]


Truth tro͞oTH/noun : truth the quality or state of being true. Bonne après-midi Truth is a harsh reality that we all think that we can handle, until we can’t.We want our friends and family to tell us the “truth” when we readily choose to accept it but what about when we are not prepared to hear it? […]